Congratulations, Jan! We have a 17 footer from the same era, so if you need to replicate anything and don't have a template, just ask. Yours has half ribs and outside stems, which are nice extras.

I listed you as the owner of 14412 in the Morris database.

Sounds like you're eager to get started working on this one, if you're braving snow, sleet and dark of night to fetch it in winter. Say "Hey" to Robert Ross for me!

Will you be keeping the Indian motif?

I think I am a little nuts or perhaps fell off to many horses, bicycles and or motorcycles. I watched it from when it first went up with the buy now at $800 which was way out of my price range. I will go get it as it is an excuse to visit my niece at Smith College. It will fit nicely with the OT HW, White and little Chessnut.
No, I doubt that I will keep the indian motif unless I find complete proof that it was original. The style it is painted in looks more 30's -40s than teens to me. I am assuming that a Morris with a 14000s serial number is between 1915 and 1920. What is your estimate to vintage?
I'd say 14412 is "circa 1916" and assume, as you said, Big Chief Thunderthud happened to the canoe in the '30s or '40s. Because your canoe was originally upgraded with outside stems and half-ribs, giving it a two-tone paint job--- or single color with a design like "Greek ends" or oak leaves-- would certainly be appropriate. Whatever you want...

Nice to pick up a canoe and visit friends or relatives at the same time.

I am very fond of the two tone point schemes separated by a thin contrasting color and some scrolly stuff. Anyway we shall see what happens or as they say time will tell. Thanks for the approximate date.
We have a canoe that needs to be painted at least two colors, with a third color in an Art Nouveau design... so I worry about having this perfect two-tone canoe, and I come along and mess it up, trying to get the acanthus leaves to match on both sides... but when a canoe begs for swirly-things, we either find an artist or find the artist in ourselves, I guess...

There are some truly amazing demonstrations of pinstriping on YouTube, by the way....