Old Town Decal

Jan Bloom

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The paddles I bought on ebay last week have an Old Town decal that is a gold background with small black letters across this is a red trapezoid outlined in black and white with Old Town in white letters. What years does this decal date to.


J. Bloom
The short answer is that the Old Town paddle decals have not been researched enough to date them accurately. There are two distinct types of the style you described. The longer answer is available at http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=2955 with a picture of some examples. Feel free to reply here or there if you have other questions.


Thanks for your response. The decals are like the decal on the middle paddle in your pic of 3 paddles which would date them to the 50's or 60's. They are beavertail paddles made of sitka. The tall one was probably 65" in length but has lost 1/2" in length due to misuse. It was badly frayed and squared off at the end. I planed off the fuzz and rounded it back out a tiny bit. Sealed it with orange shellac and will mix up some colored varnish eventually. The short paddle is a denser piece of Sitka and not made anywhere near as well as the longer one.

Jan Bloom