Morris - Really ragged - Please Advise.

Thos Doran

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Last summer I picked up a boat in New Hampshire. The guy offered it for free and with good reason. When he and I literally dug it out of the weeds and composting leaves I couldn't yet tell that it would later reveal itself to have:

100% cracked/ broken ribs, Rotted inwales with sisters rotting too, Absent decks of any sort, Fiberglass, Outwales? none, Seats missing, Thwarts, missing and detached, etc. Despite all of its wicked bad condition I'd like to get it back in the water.

Thanks to Dragonfly and other excellent resources I was able to identify it as a Morris - conceivably pre-1920. What's left of the original craftsmanship was and remains impeccable. Due to it's history I'm loathe to replace every rib, 1/2 the planking, etc. The fiberglass is in good shape and I'm considering leaving it on to hold the whole thing together - stop the rot that's ongoing and make some splices to cinch up the ribs, replace what's missing and launch.

What do you think?
Ive seen a few basket cases made new again( I think most of us here on these forums have) and the results are truly astounding for the most part-depends entirely on you -How much time and energy do you have to devote along with some $.If you self test OK to all that, get on with the restoration.
Some pictures would be helpful as your description sounds pretty bleak.