Morris information possibilities

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
For any who aren't using facebook, an interesting connection has developed. A great-granddaughter of Charles Morris (co-founder of BN Morris Canoes) found the BN Morris facebook page. She may not be able to fill any significant gaps in the information we have, but she does have pictures of her great grandfather and of the shop that he and Bert built canoes in, before the factory was built. I love when this sort of connection occurs... not simply for the information we get, but because the family this lady comes from is very excited about the information we have.

It sounds like grandpa Charlie's canoe was wood-canvas and not all-wood. I'd wondered about that, as Charlie supposedly built all-wood canoes for Old Town after the fire. The great-granddaughter doesn't have his canoe and says it's probably gone, but she remembers it was green.

I'll share whatever information comes my way!