Morris Gunwale Question

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Thought I'd post this question here in case somebody already has an answer. I've added it to our list of questions regarding B.N. Morris canoes, which we hope to answer once we've collected pictures and information on as many known Morrises as possible.

This canoe (9449, a sixteen footer) has open gunwales and the ribs appear to have the same taper as the ribs on our closed gunwale sixteen footer. The canoe also appears to have the same profile as our sixteen footer (3889), which is the "older profile"-- the one with less recurve.

Are ribs on the later open-gunwale canoes with greater recurve tapered less? In other words, were the same ribs used in both open and closed gunwale Morrises throughout production history, or did someone decide not as much taper was needed if the ribs didn't have to fit into pockets and that this might also add strength to the canoe? And if this is the case, when did the change happen?

We're still interested in any Morris pictures and serial numbers that are out there... looking at shape and location of the serial number plate and at the canoe's profile. Information can be sent to me or to Denis Kallery.


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