more wishes

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
wish I owned these, and that they werent too brittle to sail...
Mermaid II and Tomahawk, safely stored. Love that alligatored varnish:D


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and then there were 2

2 boats, Mermaid II (ex Leo Friede) and Tomahawk (ex Ralph Britton)
Mermaid built by Gilbert, Tomahawk by Malette
Two red canoes, Andre. (Mermaid is bright). In the first two photos, and background in the fourth, is Banshee. Notice the rubber anit-skid on her side decks and vertical cam cleats...
ah yes

Of course. Thanks Dan, was so focused on the other two I missed my boats namesake. kool boat however much modified to early IC. Anti skid would be even better than paint for hiding sins, huh.:D You have an eye for detail befitting a curator. Or at least assistant curator.
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took ya long enuf.

Ah well, sorry 'bout that... one day its life as usual and a week later it's Oh, *&%#$, we're gonna move...! Talk about Major Life Changes...!
ah ha

sorry for being vague, didnt mean took long enuf to achieve, i meant took long enuf to see my edited post. busy these days are we... guess that would necessitate a move wouldnt it. taking the shop????
ordered a set of Gilbert panels (told John I refuse to refer to it as Something Else)from CLC to mothball until later, many things I want to change on the next one and besides my wife has many pairs of shoes so how can I live with just one 16/30? Gonna do it up after the Skerry and my round bilged mystery boat. Look for me in the archives scanning madly a couple times a year...
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So you have to move Dan?What with your hand-hued shop and all should look good going down the road.
Congratulations on a potential great career move.
Smart builders like John at ABM get paid for what they know and don't have to spend all their time sanding and shovelling snow.
Good on ya Mate.Looking forrard to your Captancy.(No offense to John Summers).
Closer proximity

John, Clayton to Killbear is now only 534k or 333 miles, barely 5 hours. While cranky webmasters dont hold much sway with us, it would be somewhat embarrasing if neither of 2 avowed canoe sailing preservationists and recreationists were to be absent from an annual event that contributes so richly to this gentlemanly pursuit. 'Specially since the calendar of events tells us the raceboat regatta ends the 17 of august, plenty of time to clear the smoke and head north. Were they to show I might even support the museum next summer by paying to enter the boat show rather than jump the gate.
I was hopefull until dinner tonite when I got this ominous fortune cookie:eek:


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