Three Rivers Chapter Trip on the Beaver River

Andy Hutyera

The Red Canoe Guy - Life Member
Herb Adams of the Three Rivers Chapter has put together a short trip on the Beaver and Ohio rivers for Saturday, 9/22. We will meet and park at the river edge in Beaver at 9:00 A.M. Directions: From 3rd Street, the main street in Beaver, PA go to the traffic light and take Beaver St. south toward the river. At the end, cross over River Rd. and continue on a narrow paved one-way road to the river bank, a grassy 10-acre area right along the river.

Herb offers the following information: “At least a 3-hour trip will be offered to make the day worthwhile, stopping at Kelly’s Pub for lunch on the Beaver River, and then returning to the launch area. With all the history of this river, I highly recommend Allan Eckert’s book, That Dark and Bloody River. All the libraries and the new and used book stores have it. Old-timers around here remember wading across during the drier seasons before the locks and dams. Also, this is the location of Ft. MacIntosh. Just across from Beaver was an old glass factory. Pieces of colored glass frequently are found after a wash up. Further down the river there are now submerged rocks with Indian carvings. The best place I have seen these carvings is a photo located in an old river museum located on the banks of the Ohio River at Wellsville, Ohio, just 20 minutes from Beaver.”

Reserve the day and call Herb Adams (724) 774-0892 to let him know about how many are coming. Anyone with a canoe is welcome!