Milling outwales on OT Guide 18


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After some discussion with Mark Adams this week, the rebuilding process is coming into focus. I usually only work with hand tools, so the prospect of milling the gunwales is somewhat problematic. I live a long way from most of the people who can sell me the milled materials and they apparently cannot be shipped. I can get some CVG Sitka spruce up near Seattle where I have relatives. The inwales can be tapered with a plane. I ouwales give me pause. Does anyone know of a supplier of gunwales on the West Coast?
Milling outwales

Hi Scott,

Draw a section of the inwale or take in an old piece and with the spruce you get from Seattle find a furniture builder or cabinet shop that works in something other then particle board and have them run it. You might even be able to find a planing mill that does custom milling. They can run it full length because you will want to taper it later, either before or after bending. Surely there would be skilled shops in Reno or Sacramento.

Hi Scott,

It was a pleasure talking canoes and canoeing with you yesterday. As I mentioned, all you have to do is bring the wood up, and we'll blast them out. It would take all of a half hour!