Member lists

Paul Miller

Canoe Nut

I wanted to know if there is any way to generate a membership list based on a geographic location?

Or how have other chapters been able to communicate with all potential memebers in there area?

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Al Bratton is the Chapter Coordinator and he should be able to generate a membership list based on a geographic location if you are looking to start a new WCHA chapter. He is probably at the WCHA Assembly this week but the page at has his contact information.

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Would that mean, for example, the Chapter President for every chapter would have or could get a membership list for the geographic area of their chapter?


I am not sure what the official policy may be on this. The membership list is very closely guarded in general. My understanding is that Bob Bassett was provided with a list of the WCHA members in his area for a mailing when he volunteered to start a chapter. Your mileage may vary...

When we started, the MN chapter, Barry got a list of all the MN members and did a mailing to everybody.

When I became the POC, I also got an updated list, which I combined with Barry's list of MN members. (some MN chapter members aren't national members and vicversa)

I try to e-mail everybody with updates, a few don't have e-mail and those I hard copy.