Oil based paint products not available in New York?


I recently noticed that certain oil based paint products are not being sold here in NY state. Maybe this is old news, but, does anyone know if this will affect the products that we are using to restore and maintain our old boats? Should we be stock piling or will we still be able to mail order for shipment to NYS? Are other surrounding states heading down the same path?
I'm 100% in favour of protecting the environment, but I'm equally keen on keeping my canoes in shape.
Oil-based finishes have been on the decline in general for some time, but the Great State of New York, in its infinite wisdom, has passed a law that takes effect January 1, 2006, that bans the sale of oil-based finishes in gallon or larger size containers.

Much as water-based finishes have improved over the years, they have not yet equalled or surpassed many oil-based finishes in performance under many applications.
Thanks for the information.
Is it fair to say that we will still be able to get spar varnish, paints etc. in smaller cans? If that's the case, I'm not too concerned, but otherwise, what a mess.