Paint for Gold Striping?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Planning to paint my newly acquired 1935 OT 16' HW.
I want to return it to its original "Design #33" colors: Bright Red with a 1/2" Gold stripe.
My question is, what are people using for the striping? I don't see a lot of Marine grade Gold out there.
Will any oil-based enamel do for the stripe?
thanks in advance!
Thanks Benson, I did find a "TotalBoat" brand gold on Amazon for $30/pint. If I can't find another solution, I'll probably go with that.
I've done a couple with 1Shot gold and some good pinstripe brushes. I masked it off to make sure everything went on straight. 1Shot is the go-to paint for hot rod pinstripers like Von Dutch.


You might also try lettering brushes too. The width that you're laying down may work better with a good letter brush. I ended up pulling the masking tape off when the paint was still tacky. It allowed me to clean up any bleed through from the masking tape with mineral spirits.