Maine Registration??

Tom Heys

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Benson, I'm sure I'm not the only person who might have a interest in two old wooden kayaks, but I might like to be the first! Regardlesss of the availability of the kayaks I intend to spend some time this weekend sending some form of communication to someone. I have/had been planning at least two excursions in Maine this summer (I can't wait to get back on the water!), but on principle alone I won't if there is a fee involved or I have to deface my 90-year-old OT with registration numbers. Thanks for your feedback and leadership on this improtant issue. Tom

Larry Meyer

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While you're at it, you might point out the consequences of such a tax for Maine as a site for activities such as the WCHA Assembly or the Maine Canoe Symposium.

Tom Heys

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I have, today, exchanged e-mails with a member of the Maine legislature. It would appear that the issue of a registration fee/sticker has been removed from the budget and is dead at this point. The response I got suggests that they have indeed been receiving plenty of feedback on this issue.

F Harvey Bowley

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it may have been pulled but it is far from dead it will appear again next year keep those letters and phone calls coming

Rick Clark

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Fitz said:
I got wind of a Maine canoe and sailboat registration effort. Anyone know anymore about this?
Well I can't say about any state but Utah. If it is powered by anything other then a paddle you have to register it withe the state and county numbers showing on the bow. $38.oo in Utah:rolleyes: Well have a good one Rick


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hi fellow canoeist's/kayakers' - good luck in Maine and elsewhere where the bureaucy continues to punish the people for enjoying nature from the vantage point of a human powered/ propelled non-polluting quiet water craft. A few years ago the Oklahoma legislature snuck-in a provision into an bill that required registration of any and all water craft on Okla. waters. This even included 'float tubes'- you all probably remember them being called 'truck innertubes'- if that isn't a joke, I don't know what is. By the way- shortly after this the politico bureau voted themselves a nice RAISE! As for me and mine there will be no numbers or milfoil registration stickers defaceing my canoes.


another little project
make them pay $$$

I have just returned from a trip to the northeast where the discussion of registration of human powered water-craft is still ongoing. One suggestion made was to charge the offending state/or agency an advertising fee for the use of the watercraft as a billboard. I have checked on the rental rates of billboards and they average @ $1.20 per sq.ft. per month. Assuming a 16' canoe has roughly 70' square of surface area- that would translate to a billing of $84.00 per month to the state /or agency for promoting the state /recreational advertising. ( $1008.00 per year) something to consider.:rolleyes: :D