Proof of ownership


Unrepentant Canoeist
Margaret, is this some mad fantasy of yours? :eek:

Unfortunately, it's still my kids' baseball/softball seasons, and I won't be in Peterborough... very much to my chagrin! :( I keep thinking that, in just 7 more years, they'll both be off to college... I can't wait!

BUT.... since you'll be driving right by my house on your way back, why don't you pick up a few growlers of local Publick Houses' offerings, and drop them off here for some quality control testing? Should be several dozen such opportunities between here & P'bro. :) Heck, I might even let you stop by & help with the testing! Just don't show me your dainties.....

Just let me know in advance, so I can get my Otca out of dry storage, & get some opinions on how I should start the rehab work....


Unrepentant Canoeist
Oh, forgot to mention, my wife & I prefer well-hopped IPAs, and heavy, dry stouts. Hope that'll help with selecting the beers you're bringing back.... :D



Good idea! I'm going to wear a slinky little black velvet number with a slit up the side. That should keep 'em guessing!

Headed out tomorrow - will be in Peterborough mid day on Wednesday (unless a cute border guard takes a liking to me!)


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At the Border

After months of discussion regarding registrations, dogs, paying tax on something you already own, lacey dainties, etc.... I just wanted to report that the trip home through the US/CA border was a breeze. Only waited about 30 minutes for our turn, then answered 4 easy questions showed passports and accepted a compliment on a pretty canoe. We were ushered on our way. Then we lost part of the exhaust system. I'm sure everyone else could hear us travel the rest of the way home. How'd it go for everyone else?


Trout Bum
Just to show that all the people at the DMV aren't sadistic, I wanted to share this.

Spent months and many $$$ restoring a giant Peternut (I love that!) freighter and was told by a guy at the marina in Holland, MI that if I ever wanted to put Pappy's 1952 sea horse outboard that he had just restored on it I needed to have it registered, and you did it at the Secretary of State Office (our version of DMV).

I went in and there was a very nice (and cute!) young woman who asked me about the boat. I explained it's lineage and dimensions to her and asked for a registration so I could put a motor on it. She asked me again how long it was, and I told her 20'2". She asked me repeatedly if I didn't mean 19'2", and I said, look I know this boat, I just spent months out in the garage with it!

She shrugged her shoulders and said, "OK, that'll be $72." I said, "$72! Why is it so expensive!?" She smiled and said, "Cause it's over 20'."

If I had taken the hint it would have been $17.

I can be a real idiot at times.