Maine cottage

Craig Johnson

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Hi all.
I have been looking for a cabin to rent in Maine and am not having much luck with internet search. I am not looking for something fancy, outhouse is fine as long as I have stove and fridge. What I do want is on the water, good canoeing, minimal motorboats and skidoos, and remote. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks. Craig

Bosebuck Cabins on the west side of Maine is great. Remote, 13 miles in on paved rds. Everything off generators and home cooked great food. On Aziscohos lake. Very good Brook Trout fish'n and many small salmon. Many other bodies of water close by in paper country and the owner Mike has keys to all of the gates.

If you are looking for a remote, do-it-yourself experience, contact Libby Camps. They have remote, waterfront outpost camps scattered round the the North Maine Woods north of Baxter. Propane cook stoves, lamp and refrigerators. Outhouses and nearby springs for water are the norm.

My wife and I go to this cabin,
Its at the base of the Schoodic Penensula and is close to lakes, the Schoodic part of Acadia Park and tourist stuff if you want.
We go in Sept after the crowds have gone and love it.

Brad C