3 days in Maine

John Anevski

Curious about Wooden Canoes
All --

I'm looking for a 3-day solo canoe trip in Maine :D. We'll be heading up there the 2nd or 3rd week of September.

May bring either my 18-foot Old Town Guide or 15 1/2-foot Rilco canoe (depends if we end up camping after my trip or not).

Would like to do a loop, or out and back if possible. I'll be starting on a Sunday or a Monday and prefer few to no crowds if possible. I don't mind portaging or poling. I don't plan on fishing. I can handle some white water, but not too much (maybe class II if I remember correctly).

I just read a little about the Medicine River bow which seemed interesting but would there be enough water in it? Last time I canoed in Maine was on Mooselookmeguntic and Upper Richardson. I don't mind lake canoeing but would not want to be wind bound for 3 days.

I would prefer to be within a couple of hours of either Bangor or Augusta.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, John
Moose River/Bow Trip

I think you might mean the Moose River Bow Trip up near Jackman. It is a nice trip especially before or after the summer crowds. Three days is about right for it. It is a loop starting on Attean Pond and returning on the Moose River. Easy whitewater, but watch for boat eating rocks at Spencer Rips and Mosquito Rips. One long portage between Attean and Holeb. Nice set of scenic falls at Holeb Falls to check out. Nice campsites. You probably won't see anyone during the weekdays in Sept. The water levels are usually adequate even in the fall.

Let me know if you have questions.


What Fitz said............Also, if you are interested in foregoing the long portage, get in touch with Hal Blood, Cedar Ridge Outfitters in Jackman. He shuttled us in to Holeb for a moderate fee when we did that trip.

Fitz & Matt --

Thanks for the info. Yeah, its Moose River, not Medicine River. Not sure how I came up with Medicine. Must have been tired last night. Other suggestions?

Thanks, John
West Branch

The West Branch of the Penobscot is a good trip leaving from Lobster Stream and returning on Chesuncook. However, you will need to work out a shuttle from the Boom House or vicinity on Chesuncook back to Lobster. Chesuncook is sometimes windy. The West Branch is also popular with fisherman in Sept.

There are some nice loops that could be worked out in the lakes in the Grand Lake Stream area, but I am not all that familiar with that neck of the woods.
When the Moose River trip was recommended to me a while back, I did a bit of research, and have sent the information gained to you via your e-mail, because I can't seem to attach it here. We haven't yet made the trip, but it remains on our list of trips to do. I have paddled in the Chesuncook/West Branch area, and concur with Fitz that there is some great paddling there, but also concur that wind can be an issue on Chesuncook.

Wherever you go, give us a report here (with pics) when you return.


As Fitz and Greg suggested, the West Branch is another good one. To avoid paddling Chesuncook, contact the folks at the Chusuncook Lake House in Chesuncook Village for a shuttle back to your vehicle at the Lobster Stream launch site. The West Branch is fairly remote, but I hear it gets pretty busy with landlocked salmon fishermen in the Fall when the salmon are running up into the river from the lake to spawn.