Macy Green?


Canoe/kayak builder/resto
Can anyone tell me what is the difference in color betwen the standard Dk Green and Macy Green? I know it was a Macy's color, but what is the difference?
I did a quick search of the web for “Macy’s green” but didn’t find anything. Unfortunately there is not much more information available about the specific shades of green that Old Town used in the past. Old Town issued a set of color chips in 1969 but “Macy’s green” was not included. The Old Town Canoe Company Build Record Archive Project has uncovered 181 different colors that were used over the years including 30 different shades of green. We can't even be sure that the printer's inks in the catalogs actually matched the paints that they used on the real canoes. My general advice in these situations is to just pick a color that your customer likes since no one will probably ever know what precise shade was originally used.

You may also be able to do some paint archeology if you have any of the original canvas, keel, outside stems, stem bands, etc. The trick is to find some original paint that seeped into a crack and was not exposed to the sun. Good luck and sorry that I can’t help you more,