Machined cane seats


LOVES Wooden Canoes
I havent posted much in a while as Im shopless,but have been reading here regularly.So hello all.
My son just returned from a few day semi -whitewater river trip with 7 other friends.I was impressed at their canoe experience pictures showed a keg of beer smartly tied into the canoe,something I would never thought about at 20 years old.
My canoe came back with the machined cane seats broken.Im replacing them and thought I would ask for instructions.This is something Ive done a few times,but in asking something or a trick might fall out that could make my chore a little easier.
So how about the steps you take to clean up and replace machine caned seats.
Hi Dan'l,
Just to add to your quest - digging out the old spline and cane without messing up the grove can be a pain; has anyone used glue remover like De-Glue Goo Remover?
Bud removes old glue??? I always wondered what it was good for - certainly not drinking.