1/5th scale Gerrish Seat

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
:) One of the reasons I picked a Gerrish to build in scale was for the cane work that makes it so unique. I think that Evan Gerrish captured the total essence of aboriginal craft not just through hull design, but through all the subtle details that he included. Sure it was natural that his canoes look like a bark canoe, they of course are direct descendants, but he assured you knew that through the replication of lashings used as well. He must have really liked the look of the lashings and thought of using something commercially accessible and easy to work with. I feel that there is just something real special about a Gerrish canoe and the cane work is all part of it. The seats alone are just so beautiful and ergonomic, they are "art" all on their own! Not to mention the cane on and around the decks as well as around the gunwale ends. I really try to be "scale accurate" in my models and can only hope to be able to convey the "feel" that you get when you look at a real Gerrish. Look at the way Adney conveyed all the different tribal watercraft in North America, he copied all the little details of each particular craft. Thats how I feel about my work, although I make no comparison, I still try to do my best, and to be as accurate as possible. I have enclosed a few pictures of the stern seat. Thanks to Roger Young for the tip on the fine cane. It's 1.25mm wide, which is .050" or just under 1/16". It's just a fraction big and I had to eliminate 1 or 2 rows on the seats but I'm so pleased to have it. It really went on nicely, thanks Roger!!! More to come guys, I cant wait to do the deck lashings!!!!!!


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Hey Chris:

Fabulous workmanship, as always. Looks just great. I was happy to give you the name of a supplier for the cane; just passing along what Ralph Disley told me. Can't wait to see the finished piece. You should probably send a pic or two along to H L Perkins Co,; I'm sure they'd be delighted to see what a master modeler does with their really 'fine grade' product.

Wish the darn snow would melt a little quicker here. Looks like they've put the logs back in the dam at the foot of our lake, so we'll probably reach high water in another few weeks, and the ice will likely have all melted by mid-april, or so we hope. Then, ...........

Cheers to all from the Haliburton 'bushrat'.

Hey Chris;
Great job !! You have done a fine job of replicating the
spirit of the Gerrish canoe.
I have always been impressed with the way Gerrish used
minimal dimensions on seat rails and thwarts. I think it gives
the canoe very light and fine look. Not to mention lighter weight.
Keep up the good work.