looking for the right boat for the Norwiegans

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Hi Gang-
I thought I would start @ the best resource available for wooden canoes. I have friends of the family from Norway that are looking for a new build or similar. Traditionally built cedar/canvas canoe. They are a family of 4. They are on the smaller side as far as displacement goes. They want to use the canoe for recreation on the protected shores and inland waters of the North Sea. They would need the canoe to be shipped to Norway directly. Any suggestions on a builder for them? They would need the boat for the summer of 2008.

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Mic Meyer
The requirements for coastal Norway are probably similar to the BC and Alaska coasts. Most flat water lake and river patterns are not suited for bigger water where some rocker and side flair are beneficial, I can forward a pdf article on to you if you like with a capsule construction intro, and about the BC and Alaska coastal exploring. Or you could post it if you can, It was in MAIB magazine last May. peter


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