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As I posted a while ago in the research and history forum,I finished my 2 year Kennebec project and have since used it a lot. It is a 1914 Kennebec but was one of a few built on a Morris form. It is a very fast and comfortable boat, and I am pretty pleased. Here it is on Greenwood Pond, in Maine, at our camp near Boarstone Mountain. In one of the pictures, the dots in the lake are six loons.
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I did not manage to get the pics to attach but I'll try again here.


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Feel kinda funny calling you oldhaven... Hey oldhaven, gosh that's a pretty canoe. I bet you're pretty pleased. Regards, Tom
Thanks Tom

Yes I am pleased and I feel pretty lucky to have found such an old and unusual canoe that had not been butchered over the years. It is 95% original wood, including the gunwales, and had original canvas when I started. I did backside repairs of several ribs but did not have to replace any of them. Pictures of the restoration are in the research and history forum.

Oldhaven is just the email name.

Ron, Swmbo likes the canoe too, but she's more enthralled with the camp. "That's just what we deserve", says she. Someday pehaps. Tom