Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I have just put the last touches on my 1914 Kennebec Model SN 9470. I found out when I started it last year that it was one of several sold by Kennebec but apparently built on a Morris form, and it has some interesting hybrid features. Splayed stems, riveted stem bands, rabbeted gunnel intead of pockets or thinned rib ends, crescent t-shaped thwart bolts. It had suffered a broken stem that I partially replaced, along with a few planks in the bow, and I did some backside repair of ribs, but it is about 95% original wood and hardware. It has an interesting darked area at the rear seat due to what must have been an early outboard exhaust, and you can see where the cap rail is worn from an outboard thwart. I was greatly assisted in the restoration by Burt Libby of Burt's Canoes in Litchfield Maine, who gave me great advice and encouragement. It goes into the water for the first time in at least 30 years next weekend.

Ron Franklin
Bowdoin, Maine


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