kennebec 14798


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Would someone please assist me in finding out information on a kennebec canoe with the SN of 14798. I need to replace the outside where someone has applied the wrong paint covering ( i think?) and on the inside has put on a very dark lacquer.
Recent new member and still trying to find my way around. Thanks, this seems to be a great Org. Is there a WCHA club in the midwest since I'm from Missouri??
The Kennebec canoe with sn 14798 is a 17' Kennebec model Type A. It was planked 11/13/1920 by Maxwell, covered (canvassed) the same day by Roy, 1st filler applied 11/20/1920 and second filler 3/5/1921, both by Thibodeau. It was railed by Toulouse and was originally painted red. It was shipped to Stix, Baer, and Fuller in St. Louis on 3/21/1921.

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Thanks Dan for the information. Lokks like I have to get the canoe stripped and painted to get in the water by spring
new born

Thanks to WCHA I have discovered that the conoe recently given to me has a construction date the same day and month as my new son, 11/20/20. vs 11/20/05.
who knows what that means? Maybe he will enjoy it when he's 50 as I will.