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I just purchased this Kayak from an estate. It is made of canvas covered plywood with aluminum ribs and has a 1948-49 Evinrude outboard.

I'm guessing it was made sometime in the 40's.

As a teen, I had a very similar Kayak that my dad was given and we rebuilt it and enjoyed it for a number of years.

My question is, does anyone know if these were kits or sold ready to go?

Who made manufactured them?

I'm also interested in selling it


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Aluminum ribs and wood stringers were the typical construction method for Mead Gliders of Chicago. They were typically sold as kits.
Most of the kits were constructed skin-on-frame without any plywood .

Gil, Yes, I had one when I was teen it was mad of wood slats and aluminum ribs covered with canvas. When I rebuilt it, I used airplane dope on the canvas. It became tight as a drum.

This one has the same r]aluminum ribs but is totally plywood with canvas over that. It's quite a bit heavier then the one I had in Highchool...