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Mark Adams

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Hi All,

If any of you ever need canoes transported, I cannot say enough good things about KAS Transport. Steve delivered me 3 canoes today. I had one from Vermont, one from New Hampshire, and one from Toronto. The one from Vermont was picked up 2 months ago. They held onto it until Kevin Martin in NH finished a courting canoe. THEN they rushed to make the pick-up for the one from Toronto. To do this, they delayed the departure of their west coast run by a day. They REALLY bent over backwards to get me taken care of. Their rates were very reasonable. To get all 3 boats from back east to Reno, NV only cost me 1000 bucks.

Thanks KAS!!!

Mark Adams
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Contact info

Could you post the current contact information for KAS - phone number? email? etc. I know at times others have had difficulty reaching them.

Jim C.