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Babelfish translation

It is often very amusing to plug something you wish translated into an internet translater. Here's a partial translation... more for amusement than an actual answer, although you can sorta "get it". Well *heh* maybe not... you'd have to know what a rotated strichleiter is...

"The idea was born on one model flight weekend from a flapsigen remark. It had a life boat thereby and its interest in steam engines admits there was, witzelte a comrade: "building nevertheless times ne steam engine to!" Heiko took the request seriously and started working. The life boat separated as vehicle, since it would have gotten along badly with the hot machine. To its Poucher RZ85 it had more confidence. The first travel under steam was on 5 September 2004.. For construction the machine weighs roughly 30 to 40 kg and is completely in a framework from punched winkelprofilen accommodated. Also a few fastening clamps wedges one it directly behind the front seat-back on the Suellrand. This place is supported from down by frame 4, is thus relatively well loadable. In addition the wood of the Suellrandes isolates against thermal conduction. At port the wasserkasten stands for the supply of the boiler. With the test run it was still another can, a rectangular box was later cultivated. A small electrically operated piston pump promotes the feed water by means of a preheating spiral in the chimney to the boiler. The amidships standing boiler was in its earlier life a propangasflasche. It is beaconed from down with holzstuecken. Gas firing would be more effective, but a style break. It like a pot to heat only from the outside, would bring naturally a very bad efficiency. Therefore inside a perpendicularly going through rauchrohr with five horizontal transverse simmering pipes one welded, which lay one above the other like the rungs of a rotated strickleiter. It flows above into the impressive approx.. 1 meter high chimney."
paddlewheel folbot

Not to be negative but that looks a lot like an answer to a question that was never asked...:eek:
Let's see...
1. Buy a folding canvas kayak for easy transportability.
2. Outfit it with a heavy steam engine.
3. Make sure you have enough wood supply to keep it going.
4. Pack fire extinguisher, firewood saw, splitting maul.
5. Keep the matches dry!
6. Make sure the rotated strickleiter continues to rotate!
Right after I get through trying to push a rope up a hill.:D
heres another must have...


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