NATO Army-Navy Store

Larry Meyer

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Got in the mail a catalogue from a Nevada outfit called Deutcshe Optik. Lord knows why. Check them out at This outfit specializes in high quality vintage binocs, and that means military and naval binocs, especially German from WWII. You can get a pair of binocs used by German U-boat captains.

I guess that requires them to scrounge thru a lot of European army navy surplus, hence they sell a lot of oddball items. The NATO Army Navy store! So, if mounting a $4000 Kriegsmarine Observation Telescope (used for antiaircraft purposes) on the deck of your Old Town Guide is not a priority, you still might want to check out some stuff that could serve you for camping.

Such as:

How about the Swiss army field amputation surgical kit?

There’s great stainless steel bedpan, also Swiss Army. With lid. Don’t forget the lid.

How about a Swiss Army tornister, which is a backpack made from the hide and hair of a complete cow! Just imagine how that would confuse the hell out the next bear who sniffs around for your food pack.

They have some Swiss Army haversacks and packs, of canvas and heavy leather, that look quite a value.

Is it strange that the only Italian Army item featured is (no, not a corkscrew) but a coffee grinder?

Or a folding trench shovel, a folding Czech Army log saw, the Swiss Army “piss-on-it” emergency battery, a dozen or more knives (from bayonets to bosun’s folding knives.)

Is snowing another blizzard here, so I am killing some time.
Whats funny is that Yerington is a little tiny town out in the mddle of the desert. It is about 60 miles south east of Reno (where I am). I WISH it was snowing up a blizzard here. It was 47 here today.