Internet Explorer 7

Chuck Hoffhine

Wooden Canoe Nut
I am having trouble viewing picture images in the classifieds since I upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks. -Chuck
I have seen lots of strange problems with Internet Explorer version 7 but the pictures in the classifieds are working for me with IE 7. You may want to try Firefox from as an alternative. Please reply here if you find another solution that might help anyone else who may have the same problem. Thanks,

Looks like it may be a McAfee privacy service "block ads" setting. We (my daughter who knows about this stuff) unchecked the block ads setting and I am now able to get the pictures. -Chuck
Good answer about the filtering... I think that is the problem too! I also downloaded IE7 and PCMag has rated it as pretty good but not quite up to Opera and Monzilla (?) I'm sure MS will be updating with fixes and I think I'm going to stick with it. I especially like the full screen (F11 key) as it frees up a lot of screen space and yet when you put your cursor at the top of the screen, the pull down menus appear very quickly and give you all the commands you could want... I also made an WCHA icon that I use on my desktop just like the sticker from WCHA and it is pretty but when I use the shortcut on my desktop and select a different icon, it doesn't stay... if goes away the next time I close the app for some reason... OH WELL.... maybe a fix down the road...
CYA, Joe
ps: If anyone wants a copy of the WCHA logo as a *.ico file, email me and I will attach and send it to you...

Benson, as an afterthought, I will send the icon file to you and you can put it on the web site for any one to download... OK