Information request, Peterborough?

Hal Wilson

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New forum member, here, with a hearty hello to the information volunteers.
I've got a refurbished/recovered canoe i believe is a 1932 Peterborough. Serial number is stamped inside: C10556. Any help with cofirmation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hal
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The serial number you posted is not a Peterborough Canoe Co model/serial number. It is likely a Chestnut Canoe Co serial number. To help identify the model and possibly the canoe's age, please post the canoe’s measurements; length, width, centre depth and the size and spacing of the ribs. A couple of pictures of the canoe and its interior would also be helpful.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop
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Hello again from Hal,
I'll describe the canoe as you suggest, as best i'm able, and post pictures when available. Boat legnth is 15 feet; width at center, 34 inches; ribs are spaced at 1 1/2 inches as the ribs themselves are 1 1/2 in.; depth is appr. 13 inches. I hope that helps. Thanks again. Sincerely, Hal
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The boat, i must add, has a wooden skeg or keel, which runs almost the full legnth of the boat, if that helps? Thanks again, Hal
Without pictures I can’t make a positive identification.
However, the Chestnut “Chum” model is 15’ x 33” x 12” and have ribs 1½” wide spaced 1½” apart. Did you measure the width from outside of the hull at the widest part, but not including the outwales?

Dick Persson
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Yes, i measured on the outside of the boat at its widest; slight tumblehome allowed a rough measure, but it was more than 33 in. and a little less than 34. Tomorrow looks like a sunny day around here, i''l take some pictures and post. Again, thanks. Hal