Info on 1930 Old Town Raceplane Race Boat

T. Bud Bowley

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Have seen a picture of this boat and I have a 1928 KR40 Johnson race motor for this boat. Would like to find information, pictures and/or plans or this boat.
There were three variations of this boat shown in the Old Town catalogs between 1929 and 1931 but I don't know of any existing plans. More information is available from on the Old Town Canoe Company Catalog Collection CD. Please let me know if you decide to build one.

I had a Baby Buzz with a K80 Johnson outboard from the 1930s as shown in the picture below. It is now on display at a museum in Old Town, Maine. Plans for this design are more readily available.



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Really appreciate your help. I think you live close to me. I live in Bowdoinham, ME. Am a large collector of antique outboard motors & canoes & boats. I have a 1926 Old Town Canoe that needs restoration, if you know someone that would be interested. Thank you very much. T. Bud Bowley