adirondack guide boat

Brian Knowles

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Could anyone help me find plans , templates or anything else
related to building a guide boat, or be willing to sell me thier old copies, I haven't settled on a model or build type yet, just preliminary research ,any bits of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. thank you
First, get "The Adirondack Guide-Boat" by Durant and Durant. It is the single best book on the subject.

Plans for four traditionally built guideboats are available from the Adirondack Museum. The Grant Ghost and Warren Cole boats are on their web store. A couple more that were also drawn by David Dillion are also available. One is a Parsons, the other I can't remember offhand. These plans can also be adapted for other construction techniques.

"Building an Adirondack Guideboat: Wood Strip Reproductions of the Virginia"
by Olivette and Michne is a decent book about building strip style with laminated frames.