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I just aquired a 13 1/2 foot canvas cedar canoe 30 in wide 12 in deep with the number 19285 on the stem. Any help with make appreciated.
There could be the letter C in front of the serial number.

I gather that this is a Chestnut canoe from the 5 digit serial number and the C.. How do I measure a canoe correctly?


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Hi Brian,

Congratulations for not assuming your canoe with a five-digit serial number is an Old Town. Several of the old canoe companies placed a serial number consisting of five digits on the stem. Among them are Old Town and Carleton... and I did run a check on those.

Your canoe isn't an Old Town (that s/n brings up a 17 foot CS grade Charles River model) or Carleton (that s/n brings up an 18 foot CS grade Carleton model). I doubt it's a Morris, as the 13 foot Morris is wider.

Pictures would help a lot! A thorough description of the canoe could narrow it down a bit... what does the deck look like... and the seats (are they cane, slat, babiche?)... are Robertson screws present?... open or closed gunwales?... wood species?... stuff like that helps... but pictures speak waaaaay louder.

To post pictures, scroll down to the next box and click on "manage attachments" to get a browse box.

I can confirm that it is probably not a Kennebec either since that serial number was assigned to a 17 foot long canoe in 1926. Some pictures would help or you can look at or to see if it looks like any of the ones shown there.

It is not the Old Town with serial number 119285 either. Let us know if one digit in the serial number is not clear which may require checking the serial number on the inside stem in each end of the canoe.

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