Unknown maker, 625049


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Unknown maker, ?25049

I have a cedarstrip canoe that needs recanvasing and some woodwork. It is 10' 10" long and 34" wide (outer measurement). The planks are 2.75". I am trying to determine its make and age before having repairs done. I would especially like to know if the canoe is rare or if it has any historical value. I discovered it sunken in Frenchman's Bay near Pickering, Ontario in 1970. I suspect that it may be Canadian, but am not positive. It does not appear to be a Chestnut based on literature that I have seen. It has a serial number that may be 25049, C25049, 025049 or 625049. It has a curved mark shaped somewhat like a "C" in front of the distinct numbers 25049. It may be that the first number or letter was not completely formed or the instrument that was used to impress the serial number into the wood made a curved mark in front of the number. I would really appreciate any ideas that people may have about the identity of this canoe.
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The Old Town canoe with serial number 25049 is 16 feet long so that is probably not yours. This serial number does not appear to have been issued by the Carleton or Kennebec Canoe Companies.

I don't know of any existing Canadian serial number records that could help identify your canoe. Penn Yan often used a serial number format with a lettered model code at the beginning. You may be able to identify your canoe from other characteristics described at http://www.dragonflycanoe.com/id/ in the Wood Canoe Identification Guide.


Found sunk in Frenchmans bay! Cedar strip 10'10" long! Sound interesting. Any chance of some photos being posted? I would love to see it. The serial number will most likely be of little help dating or otherwise identifying it but the photos might work.

All the best with it!