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dave westworth

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have what I believe to be 1947 Chestnut Canoe. The serial number is either 914 or 814. Any information available for this serial number?

The canoe is 16 ft long, 32 1/2" wide beam, and 13" deep. The ribs are 1 1/2" and planks 3 3/4".


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Records from the Chestnut Canoe Company didn't survive, and nothing can be determined from the number itself.


Unfortunately, the serial numbering system used by Chestnut doesn't tell us anything about their models, specifications, date, etc., unlike Old Town. Maybe if you post a complete picture along with measurements of depth, width and length, someone here could provide further information. You could aso try the old canoe identification section in the contents or purchase the Historic Canoe Catalog collection from the WCHA store or


Ric Altfather