Indian Girl canvas & filler????


While trying to determine the original color of our IG, we unscrewed about 18 inches of her one outwale. We didn't expect what we discovered ......... nothing, just canvas, no filler, no paint. We dare not remove the entire outwale for fear of damaging the original canvas, and screwed the outwale back. The underside of the outwales are painted. As we clean & prep her for paint, under the paint on the outwales was what appeared to be white primer, but after our discovery, believe it to be filler. As unlikely as it sounds, could the outwales have been installed prior to filling?

My question, did any of you who have restored an IG have any original canvas fixed to the outwale? If so, when the outwale was removed was there filler and/or paint on the canvas? Did any paint remain on your outwales, was there a white base? When our canvas finally gives out, we'll know for sure.

We are confident however that we found the original green. The green under the stembands, on the underside of the outwales and closest to the filler along the entire hull is consistent. The green is very close to............, come to Assembly and find out!

Dave & Peggy Davidson