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My son and I have been restoring canoes for over ten years now and would like to try our hand at building a couple of canoes from scratch. I have a15 foot Indian wood and canvas and we would like to build a 15 foot Indian girl. We want to build the form as another challenge but we need to come up with a set of plans for the IG. Does anyone out there know where I can get a set of plans for this canoe? We don't have any experience with lofting. Thanks in advance, Joe

Dan Miller

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None are available as far as I know. When a 16' Indian Girl was built at WCHA Assembly, there was a set of drawings floating around that, I think, came from Spencer Boatworks.


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Northwoods Canoes make a 16' Indian Girl, but whether they will sell you plans I wouldn't know.
No harm in asking.