Hug a Tree Day

What a great tree!

Denis and I made an excursion to Escanaba yesterday, and enjoyed (as we have before) seeing the fairly-large number of American elms in that part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. These trees are scattered among stands of other trees and in farmers' fields... not planted in rows lining city streets, as in Minneapolis, which lost its elms to Dutch elm disease.

While we've seen no elms of grandfather-size, some are fairly big-- and because they're single trees scattered about, maybe they'll avoid the plague that has wiped out most of their kind. Perhaps they'll continue-on, in isolated pockets, as is rumored about the American chestnut.

Here's a link to a video my daughter took of one of the last of Minneapolis' grand old elms-- a grandfather-tree that got a lot of hugs and over-which tears were shed.

Will attach a picture of a hemlock forest near Eagle River, WI... a magical place.



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