Hi All...


:) Great to see the forums up and running again and the improvements are obvious already... Great work, Guys... I will not be starting my 17' Nomad until I move to the Ozarks but I am currently builidng my accent strips and seats. Does anyone have detailed plans for both regular seats and sliding seats? Thanks in advance and it's an honor to be the first to post on this new forum...
Hi Woodchuck!

I'm very happy with my Gilpatrick seats using ash and plastic cane. They are beautiful and traditional. (See the comments that I just made on the "Lost canoe thread" on the Wood/canvas forum.

BTW: I'd be very glad to hear how you like that Nomad once you finish it.

John B.
seat plans

Hey Woodchuck, try "http://www.greenval.com/FAQbowsliderseat.html"-Martin Step has a very nice and straight forward description and E.R.Turner "Lacing a Rawhide Canoe Seat" from Wooden Canoe Journal #78 has a good article about building canoe seats.hope this helps.lee...