Hey Dan Miller

Ric Altfather

WCHA #4035

What's with the new look/icon? Is this a self portrait from a bad night or an artists rendition of a nightmare?

Hi Ric,

That would be the Jabberwock, mascot of the Jabberwock Canoe Club of Springfield, Ohio. He appears in the late 1880s. I'll attach a larger version below for posterity, so he (and the gist of this thread) are not lost when I again change avatars....



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Can you update the old catalog CD's purchased from you some time ago?

We've never had a program for providing updates. Usually if someone wants some images that weren't originally included, I just email them. Truth is, the Old Town CD had had very little updating, and the Thompson and Canadian a moderate amount. The Historic CD has seen the most changes, but we are working on Version 2, which has expanded into 2 CDs. I hope to roll it out in the new year, but other projects, like the WCHA Journal scanning project and the American Canoeist project are taking priority.

Anyone who might like to compare their version to current versions of the CD can contact me privately.