LOVES Wooden Canoes
Okay, I set out with the best of intentions, but I have officially failed. I have not even begun my canoe restoration on the 1947 Old Town Guide 18. I have all of the replacement parts needed, except the gunwales but with work I have had no time (or energy) to tackle this project.

Is there anyone in the Metro Detroit/ Michigan area who restores canoes for a living? I am thinking I would just like to have it done so that I can enjoy the canoe during my free time. Anyone?

Douglas Ryan
Milford, MI


Check under the Builders directory and on-line builders in the table of contents, there is one in Grosse Point, also check with the Michigan Chapter (Russ Hicks) for additional help.

Maybe Gil Cramer will jump in here also, he's in Bryan, Ohio just about 1 1/2 hours from you.