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I have recently acquired a 16' cedarstrip rowboat/fishing boat, that is in need of much repair. I know it's not a canoe, but it is the same "breed stock" if you will. I have read many of the posts with much enthusiasm and am sure one of you can help with what will be many questions. Thanks in advance.
First of I do not know the mfg of the boat other than she came from Canada.
She is 16ft long, has a rounded hull with some tumblehome, quite a bit toward the stern. She is similar to a older model Peterborough. I thought it might be a Giesler boat but she does not have a spray rail strip as the Gieslers all seem to have. I have found a serial number on the transom, but the Mfg label that was on the bow plate is gone.
Anyway back to my initial guestions, The boat is glassed and has some spots where the glass finish has been "broken thru" and is stained ect under the surrounding glass. There are other area where the glass is thin. Can I simply sand down the hull, and epoxy the bare areas, then re-glass the hull? or is there another approach that I should take first. Your comments and Ideas are welcome to this newbie
What color is the discoloration?

If it is white it is a indication that the fiberglass has delaminated, which should be a easy repair. Scribe and cut just beyond the damage, cut a patch to match, and epoxy in place, cover with wax paper work out all bubbles and let dry, remove wax paper, lightly sand and paint.

The biggest concern is that water has got thru the glass into the wood which has begun to rot. The big thing with glass over wood is that the glass will entrap any moisture between the glass and the varnish.

If you can post some pics and someone will be better able to help you.

I am originally from Port Huron
fibreglass repairs

Airplanedoc, thanks for the reply.:) Yes I do have some delamination, your reply was what I was thinking I had to do. There is one spot that may have a small amount of rot the size of a half dollar, but not deep, maybe I can clean it up when I get the glass out of the way?
The glass on the transom is completely off/loose from the sun damage and will have to be re-done but the rest of the hull isn't real bad. Wondering if I might be able to sand it down, patch the bad spots in the glass and re-coat with epoxy? your thoughts?
I will try and post some pictures of the project boat. Maybe somebody can help me with the manufactures name by seeing the pictures.
Airplanedoc, Sorry I didn't ask before, where do you live now that you're not in Port Huron? How long ago did you move?
I am embarrassed to say I am in Illinois at the present time, I moved down here when I was little, but until recently had quite a bit of family in PH, my mom was there last weekend for her class reunion ('60).

If you are just doing a patch and paint not a complete restoration, you can clean out the rotted area, fill the cleaned out area with epoxy with a micro balloon filler mixed it then patch as described in my previous post.

Micro balloons are the "bondo" of the glass and epoxy world, you should be able to get them at West Marine, or BoatUS this mixture can also be used to level out your hull in thin areas, nicks, or dents just like you would use wood filler. In the aviation world it is referred to as faring compound.
Well, it took some leg work on my part but I have found out that this rowboat is actually a 16 ft "Dory" model. She is in fact a Giesler built boat, and not near as old as I first thought.....just looks like it, How can someone let a craft go like that?
I have stripped off the Keelson, and Chines, and have been able to strip off all of the fiberglass from the hull....Lucky!!
I am a ways from this step but now am wondering if I should re-glass her...or Canvass her hull and fill/paint. There are some very dark areas where the hull is discolored from all of the delaminated areas and I am unsure if they will clean up and show well when re-glassed.
Where might I get the needed supplies to canvas the hull?
What would I need to purchase to do this?

from the home page click on build restore, I think that's what it's called. Then bulders/suppliers. I sent you an email too.