Help to identify charles river canoe.

paul s

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes


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sorry i said the thwarts are 3/16'' thick they are 13/16" my mistake. canoe seems to have original canvas and all of its original mahogany trim
Hi Paul It may be a Kingsbury. I build on his molds and have some of the patterns. The narrow thwart looks just like a pattern that I have. The best way to tell may be the beam. Kingsury canoes were narrower than the other builders. They measure around 30" to the outside of the planking at the gunwales.
Kevin Martin
Hey Paul,

I believe you have an H.B. Arnold canoe. My dad and I have one that looks exactly like yours including a similar paint scheme. The link to some photos and the discussion that followed is here:

Look in the V of the coaming for small nail holes where an oval nameplate would have been nailed. There should be serial numbers stamped into the stems, way up under those decks.

Hope that helps.

hello adam, i remember when you first started that thread. when i noticed the licence plate on the truck in the driveway, i thought how does someone from tennesee manage to get this canoe when i check craigslist myself quite often. i really envied you at the time. i agree that my canoe does look just like yours. i do not have any telltale holes in the combing where your nameplate is. it does however have a serial # on stem 1347 16. i would be curios to see a picture of your stem and #, so we could compare font type. also have you completed repairs on your boat? thanks very much for responding paul