help me to ID my old faithful canoe

Greetings, Andrew! Your canoe appears to be of the molded plywood persuasion, and with more pictures perhaps the manufacturer could be determined. Haskell and Plycraft are a couple of the names, and Sears sold them. There was a discussion here only a few months back with links to other discussions-- so if you poke around these old threads you may find your canoe. These canoes date back to the 1930s and into the '50s, as I recall.

The process used to make the canoe was called "cold molding" and this comes up on a Google search.

It's great to have a family canoe and yours appears to be in great shape. One of the problems with this type of canoe construction is that they may be hard to restore if damaged. But our forums would be the place to come, should you ever need advice along these lines.