Hello from Germany


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello forum,

here’s Jörg from Germany.
My first wood/canvas canoe was an American Traders Algonquin.
Last year I’ve built a canoe without form and currently I’m restoring a chestnut cruiser.
Reading since some years and learned a lot from this forum!
I also think that this forum has a great communication culture.

Grüße, Jörg
Willkommen Jorg, no I can't speak German but my wife does and I don't want to lead you on but simply say hello!
I am hoping to get to a Chestnut cruiser myself this Summer but since it is for me that may not happen as most of the "me" projects get pushed aside. I hope you'll send along updates on your progress and pictures please!
All the best, Gary
Thank you for the welcome!
Yes Gary, I will share some pics later, as I also have some questions...
Jorg, spent more than a few days in Stuttgart and Garmish, amongst other amazing places in GE. Great places and great people, look forward to seeing your projects.