Gunnel clip bolt needed for 1930 OT Guide leeboard thwart


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have a complete OT leeboard thwart from 1930, except that it is missing one of the bolts that clamp it to the gunnel. I have the wing nut for the bolt, but not the L-shaped bolt.

Does anyone have one, or know a likely source?

I will also need to choose a sail and recreating spars for it, but one step at a time!


Paul Kelly


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The quickest and easiest solution is to buy a long bronze bolt that fits your wing nut, cut off the hex head, and bend the end over to make it an L-shaped bolt. The other option is to find an old motor bracket and scavenge the hook bolts or clamps from it. The newer clamps have a better system with more surface area than an L-shaped bolt.

Another option is to have some made. The pictures at may help. Bob Lavertue of the Springfield Fan Centerboard Company might have some. See for his contact information. Good luck,


Last summer, Jim Clearwater got me an OT gunwale clip bolt. It has a slight bend in it, but I'll try it. But I think you are right about more surface area being better.

Just started the renovation of the canoe yesterday.

If you have a spare, that is one, rudder gudgeon (spelling?) that is the part that fits on the caone, I'll trade for the needed leeboard bolt.
Sorry, Treewater, my canoe never had gudgeons, so must have been steered with a paddle.