great quote

bob goeckel

Wooden Canoe Maniac
"All good things come to an end, and there came a day when
we turned our canoes down the Liard and saw Nahanni Butte
sink below the horizon - perhaps for the last time? Then
it was that I realized we had been allowed to live for a little
time in world apart - a lonely world, of surpassing beauty,
that had given us all things from the sombre magnificence
of the canyons to the gay sunshine of those windswept
uplands; from the utter silence of the dry side canyons to
the uproar of the broken waters - a land that men pass,
and then silence falls back into place behind them The Land
of Shadows."
Ah, Bob- I see you appreciate the good Mr. R.M. Patterson's writing. Evocative stuff! I love his description of the push after his father's death that led him to the wilds of Western Canada, the far northwest, and Alaska:

"...I...took a look at the workaday world of London. And by God, my father was right! It was grey and it was a desert of stone! . . . a swarming city like a nightmare by H.G. Wells."

How fortunate for those who read his work and followed in his footsteps!