Gonna be a Grandfather!!!

Mark Adams

all wood nut
I just found out today that my stepson and his girlfriend are pregnant! Part of me says I am far too young, and part of me is pretty dang excited! I guess it isn't up to me though.
Thanks guys! I hadn't even considered a boat cradle, Andre. My wife was showing me pics of cradles she thought would be nice for me to build last night.

I built this for our first born, I used the first book and strip built it. I've got plans for the Jordan Baby Tender II but never got to it (make me an offer!), would have loved to have had the time for the full lap and riveted Baby Tender.
Lots of fun building, they're so small the gratification is amost instant:D
One thing i can recommned, if you strip build it or just need some adhesive, polyurethane glue sets faster and sands way easier than epoxy.


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Congratulations, Mark! You posted your impending grandfatherhood for the world to see, so you're either very excited or very afraid! I think you're excited, whether you realize it or not. Surely you're in for a lot of fun with a new little one.

Skip the cradles...

Tip: Save time and effort on the cradles and just use one of your courting canoes on the water. Works like a charm :D.



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Beautiful little cradle!

For what it's worth, I thought I'd mention something an uncle of mine told me, which makes a great deal of sense. He and my aunt had a very colicky baby, and went shopping for a cradle, believing this would be a good way to soothe my little cousin. At the time, they were living in the UK, and the cradle-- recommended to them by a medical colleague of my uncle's-- seemed unusual: instead of going side-to-side, the rockers went fore-and-aft (head-to-foot) (stem-to-stern)... and it worked beautifully. The baby lay on his tummy (which I understand isn't recommended anymore... each generation needing a new theory about something) and the fore-and-aft action of the cradle brought the bubbles up (or down, as the case may be...) and out.

My cousin is now a grandpa himself.