Gathering materials

Brent Cummings

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I live in New Brunswick Canada but will be travelling to Sugarloaf Maine to ski this March. I would like to pick up everything I need to restore my canoe and not get side tracked too far. I need canvas, sealer, nails, tacks and nuts and bolts. Anyone have any sources on my route?
I would STRONGLY suggest that you contact ROLLIN THURLOW in Atkinson Maine!..........Give him a list of everything you would need. Matter of fact, better still, Find him on here and CALL him...Discuss what you are planning on doing and he could have EVERLYTHING you need ready to pick up as you go by!...Its only a short detour on your way down to Sugarloaf...He has the canvas, filler, clinch nails, and if you need stock, he most proably could have planking and rib stock ..........I just got filler from him this fall...
PS:.........The stop would be one of the best experiences in wood and canvas canoe making and restoring...I enjoy going there just to see how a real professional does it.
Worth and email or a call to him;) /B]