Free$$ Canoe

Let's close with this

Firstly, I want to thank all of those who had opinions, on any side of this idea. Your well wishes, ideas, advice, contributions and even your humor was much appreciated.
As mentioned previously, we'll be conducting a repair for reuse effort. And if at some time in the future, I can undertake the full restoration, if possible. Right now we will stabilize and make use of the canoe.

Which brings me to the second part. We had another meeting to begin the documentation, the measurements, and the concepts of the repairs. Much to my chagrin, and to second my anticipation, the enthusiasm had wained.
We had one parent ask if it wasn't better to just buy a canoe, to which I asked and what lessons in woodworking, and composite materials would you like to learn from that. A blank stare was the response.

So those that wish to be involved, and there were a couple, will now take ownership of the project, with help and guidance from yours truly and one other parent that thought this was a "cool idea". There are many lessons learned in Scouting, and just as many learned as an adult leader.
Despite best efforts, some don't want to do much. You can't and shouldn't make someone be part of something they don't want to be.

Again thanks for your insight and your help. We'll check back from time to time. You have a great asset here.

Dave Babcock