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I am re canvassing a 1995 Old Town OTCA. I recieved it partially stripped. Do I need to remove all old fiberglass epoxy and paint from hull? If I am re-canvassing does it matter if there is residual epoxy? I have removed sponsons, and there is no paint or fiberglass underneath. Not really sure what the outside was finished with except that it is blue and hard like epoxy. Is the heat gun the next step for removal? There are some telltale white fibers; so I guess it is fiberglass epoxy. Plenty of other restoration as well such as repairing stems.
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Dave Osborn

Your photos don’t open for me....
Yes, remove all of the resin from the hull! A heat gun and a pull-type scraper is how I do it.
Also remove any resin from the planking gaps, or at a minimum the loose resin in the gaps.
Be sure all of your repairs are complete before canvassing. Once the canvas is stretched you can’t do repairs.
I like to give the hull a coat or two of varnish on the outside before canvassing. Others prefer to oil it.


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Thanks Dave. We will dig in and start the removal process. I think the coating on the hull might be epoxy fairing compound but not sure. I'd like to send you the pictures and see if you might have an idea. Can I email you the photos. I think my wife was on your facebook page. Where can I send the photos?


Could you post your pictures here in your thread? It would be nice to see what you are working on. Just use the upload file radio button (down to the right) and follow the directions. It should be a piece of cake.
Follow Dave's advice. Before you varnish or oil also make sure to re-clinch the tacks and fare the boat. After removing resin with a heat gun I wash the hull with TSP and then generally find it necessary to do some sanding. Be careful not to sand too far into the soft planking. I use my heat gun and a flexible and narrow bladed putty knife to remove the resin. On a good day the resin will just pop right off.
I use a heated mix of linseed oil, turpentine and mineral spirits on the outside of the hull. Some use straight linseed oil or tung oil. You can use the search feature on this site and find lot's of related
Here's a picture of some resin that needed removal.


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