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I'm thinking of building a canoe shelf. I'm curious as to what is typically used as the covering.

Most of the shelves I've seen on the net have glass covering (I think). What weight of fiberglass would be suitable, I was thinking you could use a lighter than normal weight since the shelf would not need to be as tough as a real canoe.

Or is there an option with canvas and something other than traditional filler to finish it off?

Or no canvas or glass at all? Just the planking...

I've seen all "types"-- even painted planking. Many times, the canoe shelves made from an actual old boat simply have the bare planking. I've seen beautiful shelves made by those who build strippers, who build a shelf-set just as they would a canoe.

What I did

when I was learning, I made a couple canoes to cut up for bookshelves as a means of practising with stock of slightly lesser grade. that way i got to learn and did not mess up the good stock. I did not canvas. Just varnished. Used polyurethane actally. Gave me some confidence. Worked out just fine.
Gil Cramer said:
It's really difficult for me not to respond to this thread with some totally rotten comments, but I'm sure that my friend, Chuck would have ten times as many rotten comments for me. Unless he's in the south seas or pushing up daisies, he's likely to make those comments anyhow.
Now to answer the question; Most shelves that Chuck has, have had no covering at all -just planking. After all, they don't need to float.

Don't worry Gil, no harm will come to any canoe if I decide to make a shelf. :)

It will be made from scratch.

Actually, if you've seen my work some might prefer the canoes to go towards shelving ;)

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When I built a set of shelves (never was a full canoe, Gil, just bent the first 16 ribs over my form) for the ease involved, I just covered them with an already dyed canvas. Color is uniform, and obviously no work to achieve it. Of course I'm sure it's not as pretty/shiny as paint over filler, but for against the wall in someone's cabin, it's probably fine. Picture attached was before I put poly on the gunwales and deck, so if they seem washed out, that's why...


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